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Support for viewing Subfolder content within Parent Folder



  • Andriy.Okhrimets
    I think this is by design to speed up C1 performance. But definitely a possible feature to be implemented
  • James Kachan
    Furthermore, not being able to select Parent folders with subfolders full of photos prevents the ability to adjust details across a whole collection of work. It is not possible, for instance to batch rename with uniformity across all subfolders.
    How did Capture One get to version 9 and this is still an issue?
  • BeO
    Top Commenter
    I think you have to work a little different with C1 than with LR or other software. As a matter of fact different vendors do things differently.

    Whether or not this is a "massive hinderance" is up to everyone to decide for himself, but I think there is a good reason why you work or want to work with C1, isn't it?

    This having said I would also appreciate having this option, as it gives you more freedom to structure your folders without compromised functionality. It also could foster switching LR or other software users to C1 which would benefit all of us 😊

    But most probably there are other more important improvements or fixes to do. So, what to do? Have you tried to re-think your folder structure? Work more with collections than with folders? Did you try batch rename images which you select in a collection (or "all images") via filters?

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