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Keyboard shortcut for undoing color tags



  • Jim_DK
    Do you mean reset? If so you need to add a custom shortcut for "none"

    Menu>Capture One> Edit Keyboard shortcuts
    Duplicate the default set and name it

    Once you have a custom set you can edit them.

    Now you can add your own
    Find Adjustments>color tag> none
    Click in the space at the end until you get the highlighted cursor
    Add a shortcut
    Close the panel.

    Ta da.
    (example Mac)
  • NN254597UL

    i edited my shortcuts for color tags like you said. With shift+0 shift+1 and so on but it doesnt work. Even after a restart of C1, no tagging with shortcuts. You have any idea why?

    Mac 10.9.3
  • Jim_DK
    It might be best you make a case with some supporting grabs so we can dig into it...
  • NN254597UL
    i found out that it doesnt work with numbers on the numpad.
  • SFA
    For my windows installation I can just use numeric keypad 0 (Zero) to unset a colour tag.

    Is that not the same on a Mac? Or is it somehow a question of the keyboard configuration?


    ETA: The Number pad has to be active as a number pad for 0 to work.

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