Who will be merging the old and new forum posts?



  • Jerry C

    I copied my most recent post and the back and forth comments because I thought they were educational. I pasted them into my top level new post that survived the transition. With the delay in implementing the new format one of two things will happen: 1. The old posts between the time of the announcement and the actual final rollout will be merged, or 2. The old posts will be left in limbo.

    If the folks implementing the switch to the new Zendesk forum do not intend to port the comments that are in limbo, perhaps they could provide access to the old forum site so those who wish to can copy and repost their orphaned posts.

    Jerry C

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  • BeO


    It seems the old forum is shut down (Capture One 20), but the new forum still states it is in the testing phase. The old forum has an announcement part but no note about anything. A new forum should be a noteworthy announcement, no?


    Ulf, Are we now life, yes or no?


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