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select multiple folders / albums / collections

Not currently planned



  • Denis Huk

    Moved from the archive on 16.05.23.

    Show images in subfolders implemented in v20 (14.3.0): The history of tools and features added to Capture One Pro

    Selecting multiple folders / collections logged.

  • Artur Nunes

    In every operating system I know, namely windows and macos, there is a standard procedure for multiple selections: you control/command click files or folders for non contiguous selections, or you shift click for continuous file selection. Be it folders, files, images, whatever. It's basic suff, for years. Nothing special, nothing new, nothing extreme.
    It bugs me and I tear my hair of trying to understand why this feature or shortcut is not available is Capture 1, pro and all. I have to use other software to move folders from one place to the other, to delete a group of folders, without having to perform this sophisticated task one by one. The folder handling in Capture One is lacking things that we take for granted basically everywhere else.

    While I don't see the rationale for not having this in place in the current version, I find odd (and really don't ger it, as a photographer or in a developer point of view) and surprising that this humble but essential feature is not in the radar for future release.

    If someone would like to explain and justify, in a simple and objective way, why this is so, I would much like to hear. 

    Thank you, have a nice weekend. 

  • Mathieu B
    Product Manager

    Hi Artur Nunes, I just wanted to clarify that "not currently planned" means it is not something that we are working on at the moment.

    Everything that is on this forum is "on the radar" for future releases, but until we make the decision to actively work on the specific request, it's not planned.

  • Artur Nunes

    Thank you Mathieu B for your answer, I was not aware what "not currently planned" meant.

    It's just that these multiple selection gestures or shortcuts are so common that I didn't understand why it still not standard in CO1, which always had lots of customisation, multiple gestures and keyboard shortcuts.

    Maybe your user base is not that much concerned with this omission.

    Anyway, if it's "on the radar" for future releases, I will keep hoping and wishing that future is not very far.

    Thank you.

  • JoJu

    Artur Nunes "Anyway, if it's "on the radar" for future releases, I will keep hoping and wishing that future is not very far."

    Hope dies last.

    "On the radar for future releases" is C1 code speak for "we successfully ignored that request for four years and hope to get away with another four years."


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