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Add Border Tab to Process Recipe




  • Official comment

    Hi Walter,


    Thank you for feedback on Capture One - this is always welcomed and encouraged among our users and we appreciate the time you've taken to contribute towards the development of the software.

    I have forwarded your comments and suggestions to our Product Management team as something to consider in a future release.

    Whilst we cannot comment on future releases, we take all suggestions on board and hopefully your feedback contributes towards a future version of Capture One.

  • Jacques Linssen

    Excellent idea! This is the one feature that would allow me to do nearly all my processing within Capture One.

  • NNN636596527976608916


    I found your feature request as I was looking for the same functionnality.

    I did not find exactly this feature in C1, so I ended up writing my own solution for adding a frame when exporting an image with Capture One.

    So here is the step by step description on my solution : 

    I hope it helped you !



  • Walter Rowe

    I recommend using # of pixels instead of percent when expanding the canvas so you get even borders.

  • NNN636596527976608916

    Hi Walter,

    thank you for the idea :-)

  • Ian Leslie

    I like that idea as well. In the mean time you can use imagemagick to add borders (and anything else it can do). I wrote up my process here:

  • Timothy Story

    Count my vote. Currently I use Affinity Photo to add borders, but would prefer to have this feature native in C1.

    Thanks Walter.

  • Andrew Hull

    This is really a gating item for me. I still use Lightroom primarily and this is one reason why.

  • david gozna

    I also still need to use Lightroom 6 to add a fine ie 0.5 mm stroke border when printing on matt exhibition paper ,I would also like to add that I still use Lightroom print module as I find it a much more intuitive module .But as a Fujifilm user its got to be Capture One for everything else 

  • Patrick Chan

    This is also one of the features that I miss sorely with my LR+mogrify combination - which can output photo with black border + selected info like date of shot / aperture value / shutter speed - things that are already in EXIF. Would C1 be able to script this feature into the program in the process tab?

  • Matthew Stough

    Count my vote as well.

    It is a shame when a working solution of the past (10 years ago ... Aperture + Export Border plug-in) go away and we hunt and peck for a solution in the present time.  Such a no-brainer feature to have in Export Recipes!

    (I've look at the AppleScript route, but the extra work to tweak it, hope the next macOS doesn't break it, wonder why the .jpg result is so much smaller in file size than the original fed to it, etc. makes these workarounds ultimately unattractive.)

    By the way, I'm using Capture One Pro 22 and don't find this feature in the recipe builder interface

  • Ralph Louzon

    I use macros in Affinity Photo with the exported jpg (black or white borders). And the macro is related to the exported size... So tedious.


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