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View selected color range...hard to differentiate in some images




  • BeO
    Top Commenter

    I check this box and pull up the saturation all the way up and sometimes the lightness and /or hue up or down and observe what changes in the image when I do so. This has always been sufficient and satisfying, for me and my images.

    If you need a hardcore method then create a masked layer from the selected color range and pull the exposure fully up or down. Of course adjustments to the selected color in the color editor do not reflect in the layer mask so evaluating adjustments iteratively are not convienent.

    Dancing ants usually distracts (me) and hides image information more then it helps.


  • Dave Veith


    That makes sense.  I guess my point is that clicking "View selected color range" should "on its own" be sufficient to view the areas affected without having to make other changes as well.  But you gave me a nice workaround, thank you. 


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