Share Catalog with two Devices (Mac and Win)



  • Walter Rowe

    Do you have the OneDrive app on your Windows system so it syncs your files down from the cloud to your local drive? This is the only way this will work.

    You should be able to double-click the catalog (or the session .cosessiondb file) to open them on the Windows system. Your challenge may be that the paths are recorded in the macOS path format and the Windows version of Capture One may not properly find them using the Windows backslashes, drive letters, etc.

    I think this is going to be risky for you to use the same catalogs on Windows and macOS.

    Walter Rowe
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  • Christoph Rücker

    Syncronising all the files to the local drive and then double-click on the catalog does indeed work to open it. Thank you very much so far!

    But now I have the issue with the paths: My catalog structure is shown, but the picture cannot be loaded. I repaired the path of a single picture, to confirm that this the problem and now this one can now be shown on the Windows system C1.

    Is there a function to automatically restore the paths of all pictures if I show C1 the way to one of them? This would help me for the next weeks. But of course, this is no general solution for my problem. Restoring the pathes everytime I switch devides cannot be the option.

    Is there any other setup, I can use to access my catalog from a Mac and a Win system and sync it over a cloud? 

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  • diver1

    from NAS?

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