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Could we have a tutorial on keywording?


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  • Dean Beebe

    Hi Ian,

    I just added the following comment to your 3yr old question about searching for key words across sessions:

    I don't know if you are still following this thread, but I just came across it while searching for a cross-session search solution, as I am new to C1. The thread got me to thinking, and so I did a little digging. The keywords are stored in xml in the .cos files for each image (and perhaps in the CO session db files, but that isn't relevant to searching for individual image files). As a proof of concept, I found that my goto editor (UltraEdit) could find and list files with a keyword. I couldn't get Mac finder to do the same, unfortunately. However a search on the web turned up a free search utility, EasyFind, by Devon Technologies. Setting to search for .cos files and pointing it to the top of my Sessions folder tree and searching for the keyword "Leider Park", it found all the images, so tagged. See attached screen shot. Perhaps this would be helpful to you.





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