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Processing freezes at 97% complete w/ Nikon D80 & 3.7.10


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  • cannga
    Turns out problem is specific to that one laptop computer. 3.7.10 develops Nikon D80 without problem on my other computers.

    BTW, I have been using C1 for nearly 10 years or so and have 3 different versions of Capture One: 3.x.x, 4.x.x, and the latest 6.x.x. There is no question the pictures from 3.x.x look different from the other versions, but more importantly, to my eyes, 3.x.x has the best clarity/transparency/smoothness. I have tried multiple setting variations and 3.x.x just always looks better. The sharpness without artifact is wonderful.

    This holds true on both LCD and CRT monitors. And also true for all 3 of my cameras Canon 1D, 40D (main lenses Contax 21 2.8, Canon 35mm 1.4 ), and Nikon D80 (lens 35mm 1.8 ) . If you are into pixel peeping 😜 and have older cameras, give 3.7.10 a try. The comparison might surprise you.

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