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set ICC profile



  • Benjamin Liddle
    [quote="HugoinParis" wrote:
    Sadly, C1 refuse to batch change them (select all images and go to the dedicated tool with only change the first one)


    There are still two caveats :
    - you mustn't do all the database at once, it aborts because of a system events timeout
    - you end up with a "modified" badge on your picture

    The last point coud be considered a feature. I see it more as a bug, as if I had to change the default profile it is because Phase One provided a defective one. Then I loose the ability to see through the badge if my photo has been adjusted, beyond changing the profile.

    The first issue sounds like you have Edit All Selected Variants disabled. The "modified" badge (also referred to as the Adjusted boolean property) indicates that you've set something to a non-default; in this case, the custom ICC profile you'd created. A good workflow for future image imports, if you're committed to your custom profile, is to set it as the Default for that camera:
    - Select a variant
    - In Base Characteristics, set the ICC profile to your custom one.
    - At the top right of the Base Characteristics tool, select the ellipse (...) dropdown and choose Set as Defaults for [camera make/model]
    - All newly created variants (imported images or new variants of existing images) will get that profile as the default, and still retain a false Adjusted state.
  • Eric Valk
    I tried two ways of copying a custom color profile from one variant to another, neither method worked. I have opened ticket 329468 about the issue.

    My use case is slightly different, I have TIF files from a scanner, and I wish to assign a custom color profile.

    First I tried with the button "edit multiple variants" on (it usually is). I added a custom ICC profile from file, but it was only added to the primary variant.

    Then I tried copying the adjustments to the adjustments clipboard. This should recognise custom settings and enable the category for ICC profile (called camera profile), but it didn't.

    I enabled the "camera profile" category on the adjustment clipboard, and applied the adjustments to another variant; the other variants did not acquire the custom ICC profile.
  • Hugues
    To : ben_US

    Thanks for your input. It helped a lot.

    Actually there was some misunderstanding from my side, maybe coming from ambiguous localisation :

    1) No, you can't have the custom profile changed for more than one variant if you use the drop down menu next to "icc profile", but
    2) Yes ! you can (provided you have All Selected Variants enabled) if you use the ellipse (...) dropdown and choose the 3rd item, which reads in french as "Appliquer par default" (Apply by default) but whose action seems to be something closer to "Apply default setting" Thanks !
    (and by the way basically my script is worthless...)

    3) Again, in french, the 3 items on this (...) menu were not very clear to me. I understand now that they are
    1. record as default
    2. use C1 default
    3. apply current default

    I indeed tried to set it before launching the Aperture import, but I may have confused 1 and 2.
    I have to check next time if it works also when going through the "import Aperture catalog" feature. Will keep you posted

    4) jpeg pictures with a "Portrait" orientation were tagged as "adjusted" during the Aperture import, even if the portrait orientation is handled by the camera and that there were no human adjustment made ever.
    Is there a way to revert this ? I understand I could reset to default all picture with no (real) adjustment, but I do not see any way to filter on (real) adjustment, [the filter on boolean adjusted being tricked here]

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