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  • Ulf Liljegren
    Capture One 3.x LE is discontinued in favor for the Capture One 4 version (note this does NOT apply to PRO or DB version)

    I realize there is some what of a learning curve when many things are very different.
    Last week I attended Focus on Imaging in Birmingham U.K where many end users came up to me with statements as the one you just has made where in the end it was simply a learning curve because many of the tools is just as accessible and it has even more tool the old LE did not have but it take a little time to get used to. It is true that not all short cut keys are in place. You can get around this by mapping them through Mac OS. They will of course be implemented in to Capture One 4.

    I think this discussion should end here when only the 20% percent of what I have just written belongs in this forum.
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  • pderka
    Thank you for the reply. An odd thing happened. I deleted the prefference files in the library and also re-installed v 4.0, thinking that the way the program was behaving could not be right.

    Whereas it took approximately 4-7 minutes for the program to load, and where I had pauses lasting a minute or so randomly when going from shot to shot - all that has changed. The program is now running like something else entirely. The menu options, which I had to click on several times sometimes now work the way one would think and those nine bright blue grid lines which I had ever-present along side the grey grid - don't exist!

    So .... v 4.0 works like a real program now. I don't mind learning ... but I do still say that the interface has too many small components which get in the way. Tiny little clickable arrows .... not something that is an ergonomic boost.

    But now I believe I can give 4.0 a genuine run through.

    Still though .... why the lack of support for the old 3.7 way? Is this going to happen to 3.7 pro as well. I have been toying with the idea of going to pro, just for the ergonomics that I like - but if the support for new cameras dries up right away ... well that does not seem like a worth while strategy.

    It feels like forced obsolescence, do you not agree?

    Anyways, thank for the reply. 😊
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