Add to Album with keyboard shortcut?



  • SFA
    What sort of album?

    Session or Catalog?

    The usual fast grouping methods would be to colour tag, set a rating or use the "Selects" functionality. All of those have keyboard short cut options.

    You could probably devise some similar additional methods using a Smart Album.

    As a Mac user I would guess there could be some possibilities for using Applescript but I'm a Windows user so I'll leave it the Mac experts for confirmation of that.


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  • Emory Dunn
    This is certainly something you could do with an AppleScript a keyboard shortcut set up in System Preferences.

    tell front document of application "Capture One 12"
    set theAlbum to collection named "An Album"
    add inside theAlbum variants every variant whose selected is true
    end tell
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