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Refugee to C1 12 trying to export from preview



  • Ian Wilson
    In C1, you can create a process recipe that outputs to the format JPEG QuickProof. That creates output based on the preview, though obviously of more limited resolution than you could get with access to the raw file.

  • Nico21
    Cheers Ian!
    That actually does help! Thanks a ton for your quick response!

    We've been playing a bit with the Process recipe tool and it actually does what we asked for. A feature we are still missing though, is a "export previews as single PDF" function. This has the advantage that the client has an overview of all files and the names of the files, and can simply let us know what files they like most and which are being rejected. And idea for a workaround? (ideally from within C1).

    Thanks again mate!

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