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capture one 3.7.9 compatibility with osx 10.6 ?



  • Keith Madigan
    I, too, am a dedicated v.3 user. Any time a software upgrade by phaseone is released that has so many issues like v.4 has had is reason enough to stay with v.3. The idea of v.4 is great, but there have been too many updates to correct a version, that in my opinion, shouldn't have been released until it was FULLY tested. Being a professional photographer, I can't afford to not have a software work perfectly while clients are standing next to my computer watching.
    I hope v.3 will be compatible, but I'm not holding my breath. Since the forum moderator reads these posts, I'd love a response..............

    Thanks, in advance!
  • Paul Steunebrink
    [quote="Keith3" wrote:
    I hope v.3 will be compatible, but I'm not holding my breath. Since the forum moderator reads these posts, I'd love a response..............

    No offense intended but I also hope you read the posts here. CO3.x is end-of-life for 1 to 2 years now (depends on whether you have a LE or Pro version). If it runs on OS X 10.6, enjoy, if not: stick with 10.5.

    You are not alone in maintaining an older Mac - OS - application combination for some years. Sometimes it is an application or a device like printer or scanner that forces one to stick to a particular combination of technologies. Tip for CO3 users: don't buy a new camera!
  • noel11
    [quote="Paul_E" wrote:
    [quote="Keith3" wrote:
    No offense intended but I also hope you read the posts here. CO3.x is end-of-life for 1 to 2 years now

    are you serious ?
    i dont know any of my professional colleagues that are using this software on set, under pressure or in any real world work flow situation, unless they have too.

    i also find it curious that phaseone waves the big white flag for doing everything in raw and then chooses not to support any of its legacy software component wise in c4, that truly deserves a round of applause. great i cant wait to dig out all those files that are archived with c3 presets attached them - nice work.

    suggesting that you stay in the legacy operating system also presents it own problems if you are using multiple camera systems ie d3x and a p45 or p30. and need to change from one camera system to the other.

    not to mention that there are still features missing from c4 that have been there from the start in c3.

    again as everyone has mentioned this is suppose to be a professional product - you should at least support your own legacy products until you can bring your new products up to speed that achieve the same functionality as the original product.

    and again to reiterate this is suppose to be the same company producing the same product. an update, quicker, faster, stronger - im not sure what we have at the moment , and its been just on a year since the original release.

    again i think i am not alone with these concerns - im not a luddite there are benefits to the new software etc, they are just not there yet.

    regards noel
  • Paul Steunebrink
    I am not discussing the merits of the software. Whether CO4 can live up against CO3 is yours to decide. Can't argue about that (although I have an opinion). My reply was to the OP's question whether there will be any developments regarding CO3.

    Phase One has stated here more than once that there will not be any development what so ever on CO3. Not my statement, just helping in getting the OP's question answered. My opinion: Phase One better put their effort in improving CO4 to fill in the gaps that are still left. The good news is: that is exactly what they are doing right now.
  • noel11
    hi paul,
    yes i understand what phases position is on this and i understand that they want to push forward on c4.

    - the problem is there are still a lot of holes in c4, and i am sure they are working very conscientiously towards resolving these issues, its just taking a very long time - 1 year and counting.

    the problem i have, is that i run a business and it depends on this product as a core tool. i can wait or i can use the program that does what it says on the tin, that is c3, and yes you are going to say that i should use it in a legacy operating system. the problem i have is that i use multiple camera systems ie p65, canon mrk3 and d3x and technology marches forward, apparently it is not suppose to march backwards.

    unfortunately for me it almost feels as though c3 was built by another company.

    they have a perfectly good "old" product, why not at least support it as legacy product for the next year while they get c4 up to speed?
    its not like we have spent 10-20 grand on there products or anything?
    regards noel
  • ekfphoto

    I agree with you 100%. CO3 is the only thing keeping me from Mac OS 10.6, because t works so well. I dread the day that I am forced into using CO4 exclusively.
  • ekfphoto
    Check out my test results: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=7509
  • Scott81
    I can tell you that in Australia, or Sydney at least no one uses CO4.
    There are some really good aspects to CO4
    - The preview images from my P30 look better
    - the focus checker is great.
    - It connects the camera faster.
    - and I like the black screen
    But that's it!

    I still don't understand why they would change such perfect software
    I was using CO4 last week on leopard. CO4 hates it when you process and shoot tethered at the same time, it craps itself and dies. Doing this also corrupted CO4 on that computer and I don't know how to uncorrupt the software. I now use lightroom with my canon 5dmk ii. Not perfect but it's the only option I have.

    Today I tried using CO4 with my P30 because I stupidly updated my computer to snow leopard, which means CO3 now has problems. So what happens with CO4.
    - It crashes and crashes and crashes. When inserted every second card it crashed.
    - and now it's corrupted as well. I can't set the output folder in my current session.
    - It's so incredibly slow compared to CO3.

    Don't load snow Leopard onto mac if you want CO3 to still work!
    - It processes Jpegs as negatives.
    - and it occasionally crashes
    - and cards take AGES to eject

    There were a few issues with CO3, mostly the folder structuring issue. They tried fixing this by making the folders work like the finder. WRONG!
    Though I do take my many years experience with CO3 for granted in that I know all the ins and outs and can fix most problems easily.

    I want the old software back and for it to work with my new cameras. PLEASE!
  • Ralph
    I must agree with the observations made above. While it is certainly true that many refinements have been introduced with v. 4 both in regard to file previews, processing and conversion speed and quality, the workflow in v 3.7.9 is much superior throughout and I regret that many of its foundational features have been abandoned. I fail to comprehend why this must be the case.
  • rap_digital
    Actually C1 v3x kinda was made by another company. Alot of the components were written by Apple.

    @ Scott I'm a digital tech based in Melbourne and work in Sydney etc and I have been using V4 for some time and on the most part have been VERY happy. I read about alot of horror stories but (touch wood) haven't experienced them. Whether this is to do with me running an extremely clean system or just dumb luck I'm not sure. Cf card import is very slow on a laptop I prefer to cancel the import window and just finder copy them over instead, actually I have written an app that copies backs up and verifies but thats not relevant. On my Mac Pro CF import is more usable.

    The biggest thing keeping you from 10.6 at present is that its not a finished OS.

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