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Frustrated at lack of updates to the SDK



  • Salih Kilic
    It would be rather nice if someone from the dev team would reply to this. We want to put in the time to learn and use the SDK, but it's obviously rather limited. What can we expect for 2019 and 2020?
  • Mac McMillen

    This SDK is a joke. No updates, no responses from the dev team, etc. I'm a professional software developer and was going to spend some time learning the SDK, but won't put in the effort if Capture One itself won't.

  • Neil Russell

    Snap! Been a dev since 1985 and wanted to bring that along into my photography but like you say, Capture One offers nothing in the way of hope for us devs :( 


  • Edwin Roger

    Old dev, new to Capture One, but it's incredibly disheartening as a dev - and one who has provided an SDK for others to use in the past - that the current state of the template project can't be opened with the current version of available dev tools. The macOS example requires Swift 3 and Xcode 10.1 to even update to Swift 4, and I assume I'll need Xcode 11 to get it to Swift 5. 

    Obviously they don't have to provide an SDK, but if you're going to, at least keep it remotely functional against modern dev tools? 

    Typed out while waiting for Xcode 10.1 to download :-\ 


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