Media Pro refugees: What are our DAM demands? (for CO)



  • syncrasy
    Here's a quick terminology primer to make sure Media Pro and Capture One folks can talk to each other (if I missed any, let me know):

    Annotations in MP = Metadata in CO
    Notepad in MP = Annotations in CO (just a collaboration tool; nothing to do with metadata)
    Catalog Sets in MP = User Collections: Albums in CO
    (Controlled) vocabulary editor in MP = Keyword libraries in CO
    Update folders in MP = Sync folders in CO
    Reset paths in MP = Locate in CO
    Convert Image Files in MP = Export variants in CO
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  • Gregory Edge
    I would like to see:

    the Filters tool tool to look more similar to Media Pro.
    Speed when clicking all images and trying to search or use a filter
    Ability to search all Capture One catalogs
    Add keywords from import window
    An export to Flickr, Smugmug, email etc
    A robust slideshow tool
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  • Comadeuro
    With Media Pro one could organize all kind of digital media (images, videos, scans, documents) with one tool at one place. Capture One only supports formats that can be processed by C1. It does not process RAW-files of cheap compact cameras and does not support sophisticated image file formats like High Efficiency Image File Format (.heif, .heic) [] or High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) [] as it is produced e.g. by current apple's smartphones.

    I'm wishing an asset management, where I can collect all kind of media that I've collected during a trip an not only those I've taken with equipment supported by Capture One.
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  • NN122823UL2
    My demands?

    Sell the software to someone who wants to continue it or Open Source it. It's not a competitor to Capture One.
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  • NN635880421282893323UL
    It's the first time I join this forum.
    Thank you for all the information I could read there.
    I just wanted to bring my account. The more we are to shout, the more we'll be audible.
    As all the participants, I was really disappointed when I received the eMail announcing they discontinue Media Pro SE just after I came back from holidays with hundreds of images to organize and process.
    I've been using it since I bought my first digital Camera in 2005. As mentioned in many posts, it was called Iview Media Pro, ands quite cheap (something like 60€ - I live in France, so pardon my English). It was then bought by Microsoft, who changed the packaging and doubled the price.
    Since then, it has not evolved a lot. I upgraded to Expression Media (free upgrade - I never paid for the next versions) and more recently to Phase One Media Pro SE.
    As many of you, I hoped a good integration between Capture 1 and Media Pro in order to benefit of both good cataloging and image processing capabilities in the same application. For Raw processing I just used the Canon Digital Photo Profesional package. But it was not possible to see the effect of the recipes in MPSE. This is why I was thinking of buying C1.
    The announcement of the end of MPSE accelerated the decision. I dowloaded a version of C1 to test it. I watched the two Webinars about the migration of Catalogs from MPSE to C1 and about the organization of images in C1. I first though it would be seamless. But now I am trying to organizes photos coming from different cameras, with some dates to re-assign (I forgot to change the date of my Canon when I landed at San Francisco coming from Paris). I then realize that C1 capabilities are VERY FAR from that of MPSE.
    And I am all but a profesional user. I just use simple functionalities.
    I have nothing to add to the list established by Syncrasy.
    I think the priorities he defined are OK.
    The loss of "People" tags and hierarchical keywords are unacceptable when people are "invited" to move from one product to the other
    I perfectly agree with him when he put in first priority:
    - The addition of Custom catalog fields
    - The ability to Transfer/copy files to another folder
    - Customizable View Options (I am not sure if this item refers to the same thing that I have in mind. To clarify what I refer to, when pictures are displayed in list in both C1 and MPSE, right click in the header bar of the table to display the choice of information that can be displayed in columns - I wanted to join screen captures but I did not find the way to do it)
    - Find duplicate items
    - Find missing items
    - Set Capture Date
    - Sort by place
    - Sort by annotation field
    As Edgephoto, I think the filtering is quite heavy in C1. It is more flexible in MP. But it may be a matter of getting used to it
    And as well (but it may be a dream sine Phase One likely consider C1 as a Photo oriented application) the ability to catalog any types of media. This versatility was a a real strength of iView Media Pro (the term Media was well chose in the name of the soft)
    What next for me ?
    As with iView Media Pro and Expression Media, I will use MPSE as long as my system (computer and OS - I am on Mac) will allow it. I may (or may not) buy C1. But surely not for its cataloging capability. I have to test the integration between both softwares. I thought of switching to Adobe package. But I am VERY RELUCTANT to the system of yearly or monthly subscription. In Raw Image processing, we are "prisoner" of the application we use to process the images. Recipes are not transferrable to one application to the other. I don't want to add another lock to my cell
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  • Markus Zuber
    Capture One 11 is very slow in handling large amounts of images. So catalogs are useless for DAM. Converting MediaPro catalogs back to C1 does not work properly - converting them to LR, the essential functionality mainly with P1 backs gets lost.

    Media Pro is/was the only DAM solution for photographers working with P1 backs and many other camera systems, since it was able to store previews of LCC corrected and otherwise adapted images - without always handling a RAW conversion engine and camera profiles. It will be almost impossible to replace Media Pro for an external company, because they would need a very close collaboration/insight into P1 secret sauce to maintain the features new versions of C1 will bring.

    C1 - as a possible DAM tool in future - would have to meet the following requirements:
    - open to all camera systems (including Hasselblad etc...)
    - fast preview and thumbnail handling based on the previews in C1 - not working on RAWs directly
    - search capabilities in selected catalogs in > 100'000 images
    - stable and more evolved hierarchical keyword usage
    Therefore C1 would need a new module: catalogs for DAM use only - with at least all option Media Pro has already provided! Hmmm - keep on dreaming 😉 - P1 do you hear us?
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  • NN106518UL1
    Like many of the other companies that offered desktop DAM programs, I suspect we will see Media Pro re-incarnated as a high-end, expensive offering. Extensis Portfolio once was a $199 desktop version. I can still log-in to my account and see my invoice. Extensis just quoted me $12K for a desktop version. Canto is another DAM system that use to be a desktop version. Back in 2003 Canto was $199. I have a Canto DAM quote on my desk today for $10K. Another DAM offering is Brandworks, $20K.
    So, for what we were getting from C1 for the price was pretty incredible in comparison to the market price DAM systems today. I suspect it will be back.
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  • roberte
    Yeah I too still have Portfolio and Cumulus licenses from the 1990s! Extensis and Canto stopped making standalone DAM years ago. The server versions continue and that's the one you see at $10K+.

    From that era Fotoware is the only one I see left with FotoStation still available at $149. It was bundled with my Nikon D1 way back when!

    Edit: FotoStation Pro is $549 and needed to catalogue offline content + more features.
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  • stea
    One add, besides all major things already highlited: MP have a very useful (for me) freeware MP-reader... nothing alike in the future for the catalogues of C1?
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  • syncrasy
    [quote="stea" wrote:
    One add, besides all major things already highlited: MP have a very useful (for me) freeware MP-reader... nothing alike in the future for the catalogues of C1?

    Thanks. Added to the list. I also added an item related to CO's inability to add keywords to very small images.
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  • syncrasy
    For what it's worth, I've been quietly adding to the list of CO's catalog issues based on reports from CO users in the CO threads. See the top of this thread for the revised list. Because it is unlikely Phase One will address these issues anytime soon, this list effectively is no longer a list of demands, but rather a document of CO's DAM shortcomings. The list is useful as a quick reference sheet for people who want to understand why CO is unsuitable as a DAM or as a replacement for Media Pro.
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  • mli20
    [quote="syncrasy" wrote:

    Capture One does not allow for useful organization of "variant" images in collections. ...

    Again, this is the result of an inexpedient database design.

    Current layout: Collection membership is a property of images. All variants of an image share the collection membership.

    [variant] ------> [image] <------ [image/collection] -----> [collection]

    Desirable layout: Collection membership is a property of variants. Any variant of an image can have its own set of collection memberships.

    [image] <------ [variant] <------ [variant/collection] -----> [collection]

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  • Paul Grayson
    Has anything been done to answer this question, since it was written?

    C1 does not honor hierarchies of MP hierarchical keywords. This should be fixed.

    I am so angry at the cancellation of Media Pro, without Capture One being upgraded to handle Media Pro's data that I cannot express myself politely. so I'll say nothing.
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  • Ian Wilson
    I thought that there had been an update to Capture One that had corrected the problem of hierarchical keywords not being imported. Or am I mistaken?

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  • Cartoonist
    Please, oh please.... let there be a 64-bit version of Media Pro. Will no one think of the children? 😭

    ( And add compatability with a few more file types while you're at it. )
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