Catalog downloaded from Synology unusable?



  • ericnepean
    Zip it first on the remote Mac with OSX.

    MacOS files and folders include special Metadata to indicate file permissions and bundles. When transferred to a file system which is not native to OSX, this information is sometimes discarded.

    Capture One catalogs are not files but bundles, and so this is relevant.

    To preserve this Metadata, one way is to zip the file or bundle using OSX, even better is to create a dmg with the catalog inside. If I recall correctly, a dmg can be created as a compressed dmg, alternatively it can be zipped.
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  • Douglas Kehl
    [quote="NNN636002042127646575" wrote:
    I needed to copy a catalog from a remote Mac and did so by copying it onto a Synology drive, and downloading to a new Mac. Synology automatically zips large files, but in this case the Mac Unzip utility won’t unzip it! It gives me an error message ‘ Unable to expand into Downloads. (Error 2 - No such file or directory.)’ The zip file is in Downloads. Any suggestions?


    This is what I found on Synology help

    I think Auto Extract Service might help.

    Hope this helps,
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  • Jan-Peter Onstwedder
    Thanks for the suggestions. Unfortunately using Synology’s tool didn’t work I think the problem might be that Synology Filestation treats the .cocatalog file as a folder. It certainly shows up in Filestation as a folder, with subfolders Adjustments, Cache and Originals. Maybe there is a way to import this into C1?

    I’ll try zipping the catalog before copying to the NAS.
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