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3.7.9 expired!! Help



  • Paul Steunebrink
    May I assume you are on Windows? Install 3.7.10 to cure this (this release was created for this purpose).
  • NNN634637165754214590
    Hi can someone help me please.
    I have the same problem my Capture One Pro version 3.7.9 says it has expired. I go to License Activation, put in my details my product code and my email address etc..and it says the license was successfully activated and to close the application.Iv'e done this 10 times closed the application, closed the computer down and it still will not work. I am using this on Windows XP- What do I do please? I have researched this all-day. I have gone to Phaseone and downloaded version 3.7.10 but how do i start it? do i need to dis-instool my 3.7.9? and will I lose my work?

    Thank you so much
  • Paul Steunebrink
    Unistall 3.7.9 from Control Panel, Add/remove programs applet. Next, install 3.7.10 and you are done. No work will be lost.

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