are you happy with 3.7.9 on OS X?



  • Jim_DK
    Hi Viet,

    First, welcome back!

    2 years is a bit of long time in computing terms. Intel based Mac systems are here to stay, and with the advent of Snow Leopard PPC support has been dropped all together, so from the point of view of Apple at least, its upgrade or die time.

    From the Phase One perspective C1 Pro 4x and 5x are not only Intel only but Leopard is a minimum requirement. This caused some stress with a few users, but its Apple leading the way here.

    It would be hard for me to comment without bias on the pros of 4.x and 5.x, but speed of processing, quality of images are two core improvements on 3.x.

    The interface is new, but workflow should feel fairly similar, import > adjust > process is still a core principle.

    I would suggest using our dealer finder on the Phase One website and see if they can provide you with a demo in store, or as per all the software, you can download a free 30 day trial and have a play with it (once you have the IT sorted!)

    Kindest regards and good luck!
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  • Bud1
    I am very happy with 3.7.9

    I truly wish this version would work with newer cameras like 5D-2.

    V4 and 5 are horrible in my opinion.
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  • Henry1
    I'm just wondering what exactly you find horrible with 5.xx? I too came from 3.7xx and cursed the early days of 4.xx until we got to 4.5 then was getting happy by 4.8.2 but with 5.xx, it was a joy to use.

    Don't know if I'm just super lucky but on both Mac and Win XP platforms, I have very little issues each time I updated. Maybe if you shed some light on the kind of problems we can chip in to convert you.
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  • Drew Altdo
    Change is the name of the game when it comes to technology.
    Remember floppy drives? Now we have thumbdrives, same principle with a different style and the later works miles above the prior. If there is a specific grip you have against Capture 5 when compared to the Capture 3 you now, bring it up in a support case with one of us, perhaps we can suggest an solution that works better than before.
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