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Launch application with choosen session



  • Jewpacabra
    Open the cosessiondb file within the session folder. Example here is test1 session on my desktop.

    tell application "Capture One 10"
    set theDocFile to POSIX file "/Users/[username]/Desktop/test1/test1.cosessiondb"
    open theDocFile
    end tell
  • Jewpacabra
    Or just hold the Opt/Alt key on launch to suppress the last doc opening and get the chooser window.
  • Sean Murphy
    How is it you wanted to determine which session is to be opened? The suggested code will only open a single, pre-defined session. More easily would be to just double-click on the session's .cosessiondb file which will open that session directly. Guess I'm not understanding the need for a script to open a single session.

    Now, if you were wanting to input a name into a dialog window and have CaptureOne open that specific session than the script is a bit more complicated but totally doable as long as you: 1. know the session name beforehand and 2. all of the sessions are in the same specified location. For example, all of my sessions are saved on my Backup drive and all sessions follow a specific naming structure (yy-mm-dd ModelName TimeOfDay Photographer). With this I could have a pop up a dialog window ask me to input the session name I'm looking for. It takes that and finds the specified session folder and opens the doc.

    Let me know if that is more what you're looking to do or some more details if not.

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