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"Parameter Incorrect" Error



  • Paul Steunebrink
    I did a search for the phrase on this forum and a few earlier cases came up. It always occurred during copying adjustments. No clear cause but the output profile (for example AdobeRGB) was mentioned multiple times. Try to change the profile to a different color space or to another instance of the same color space.
  • NNN634622212163041178
    Thanks for that I tried going to:

    workflow> show colour management settings

    and changed the "output destination" but this doesn't seem to make any difference? The other problem is that images are now much darker and look under exposed than when loaded into Capture 3.7.9 and it will not let me correct more than one at a time so v. frustrating! I unable to run the quickproofs in 3.7.9 due to license expiry issue but in 3.7.10 DB images are much darker and I can only adjust exposures individually.

    Any other ideas would be much appreciated.

    Many Thanks


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