• Anonymous

    Firstly , be sure you are using current version of Capture One 3.7.6 on Intel Mac and P30 has current firmware of 2.3.6
    If you need to update firmware - READ Release Notes completely - you will need a PPC Mac or Windows machine to upgrade.

    You do not have the correct camera profile selected.
    Images from CF card = set Preferences > Color Management > Camera and set the desired default profile for the P30

    Tethered = at White Balance tool set ICC Profile to desired P30 profile

    Profiles ( or folders ) in RED mean they have been renamed or moved from original location.

    Hope this Helps & Best of Luck -
    K C
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  • Anonymous
    In addtion-
    You did not say if you were working tethered or not.

    Check your ICC profile setting in the white balance tool and the capture tool.
    You may be picking up an existing profile inherited from the last capture by a choice in the capture tool...Pick up a color profile
    You maybe applying a b/w style , go to image- styles and choose neutral on the selected capture(S) to bring it back to color.

    If you need additonal help -please create a support case at

    Phase One Support
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  • hurricane
    many thanks for your suggestions, and my apologies for the late reply.
    i tried everything you suggested to no avail.

    in the end i reverted to a copy of capture one DB that worked fine, so all ok in the end.

    thanks again.

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  • Stuart Lohr

    I have a monthly contract but very time I try to got  to a site for help nothing downloads?

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