C1 Zoom tool - please explain!?!



  • Arizona Bill
    [quote="imacken" wrote:
    I'm obviously being pretty stupid about this, but can anyone explain how the zoom tool in C1 works?

    Unlike other software, the RAW preview image remains at low res when zooming. If I click on the button which appears when clicking the arrow at the zoom tool icon, the preview goes hi-res, but goes immediately to 400%! If I try to zoom out, then the hi-res goes away!


    C1 generates a preview that's 25% the size of the actual image. In the upper right corner you'll typically see a pair of numbers like 100%/25%, which means 100% preview size, 25% image size ... clicking with the zoom tool bumps this up to 200/50, 300/75 and 400/100 ... at 400/100 (actual image size, 4x original preview size) C1 will re-generate an accurate preview for you but at the other intermediate values it won't, so it looks blurry.

    This is one area where C1 lags behind CS RAW, I feel. Also, with 3.5.2 SE, the 400/100 preview 'jumps' about 10 pixels to the left and up when the regeneration is done, making it harder to center a zoom. This did not happen with earlier versions so hopefully they will fix it in 3.6.

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  • NN8930012
    Thanks Bill, so it wasn't just me then!
    Let's hope that jumping will get fixed in 3.6, also I hope there will be accurate previews at any zoom level like in DPP, PS CS etc.
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