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Where is the Developer Portal?



  • mli20

  • matzeso
    Thanks for the reply - but this looks more like a landing page to me. I am already logged in, nonetheless, the website starts with a big call-to-action "Integrate your software or web service seamlessly with Capture One. The new Capture One plug-in ecosystem allow external developers to create plug-ins." and a button which brings me to the sign up. But I already did sign up.

    Then again "Start creating today" -> Sign up / Login. But where is the actual SDK? 😐

    Nevermind - I just did the signup again, and now in my settings I have another option to download the SDK! Thank you 😊
  • NNN637149307921824277
    The Kong Developer Portal provides a single source of truth for all developers to locate, access and consume services.
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