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And what about Windows?



  • Corey Riggle
    they'd have to write a whole powershell addition. I don't see it happening especially considering the state of applescript support. I'm not a programmer, but i imagine you could write a cross platform javascript api or something. But again. I think there is zero chance.
  • Jim_DK
    It would be a feature request. So if it's something you would like please make a case with our support staff so it is properly filed and we can review it like every other request. More cases on the same request would of course make the case for it stronger...
  • Joshua Meadows
    Why not add scripting support for something cross platform like python?
  • Eric Valk
    Javascript may be a good choice - this is a universal scripting language supported by OSX and Windows. Applescript can be converted to Javascript, and can also use Javascript.

    There's considerable similarity between Applescript and Javascript, and so supporting both may be less complicated for SW design.

    This would also allow PhaseOne to work towards supporting a common scripting language, rather than two separate ones. This will be less complex and costly for Phase one, and better for users since feature velocity will be faster, and features availablity will also become cross platform.

    Finally, an automation tool which is cross platoform will allow SW developers to to develop feature verification SW with common implementation for Windows and OSX.
  • Paul Gardner
    I need a hot key for "export variant to disk". I can't believe a program like C1 does not have a hot key script. (W10)
  • WPNL
    [ctrl] + d

    doesn't work?
  • Edward Jenner
    What about being able to add a module? I'm not sure how Apple Script works, but it seems to me like C1 is very modular anyway. IDK what language it is written in, I would guess C++. Being able to plug-in a C++ executable would be awesome and much more powerful.

    The most cumbersome part would be getting people set up with compilers and libraries needed, but even that has become so much easier in the last 5 years. And honestly, I would bet anyone who knows Java or Python could easily write C++, at least for the things they'd want to do. Everything is google-able.

    But I'd settle for Java, Python or anything really.
  • WPNL
    Just out of pure curiosity, what would you want to accomplish with scripting that we can't now? I don't mean to question the value, just asking 😊
  • Eric Valk
    [quote="WPNL" wrote:
    Just out of pure curiosity, what would you want to accomplish with scripting that we can't now? I don't mean to question the value, just asking 😊

    I have written scripts to do the following:
    • Find all images in a Catalog which have missing files

    • Find every user collection that that an image is in

    • Find every Image not in a user collection

    • Extract EXIF information which is not retreived by CO, and store this in a keyword or Metdata field

    • Automatically backup an image after it is captured via a tethered camera

    • Assign a sequence ID and a sequence number to images captured in burst mode, stored in IPTC Metadata Fields

    These are functions not available through Capture One.

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