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Capture done script property Capture One 11



  • Benjamin Liddle
    This has been around for a bit, fwiw. It only has one value - the .scpt file that gets called when a transfer from a tethered camera is complete.
  • Patrick de Gier
    @ben_US Sorry, didn't know. I'm pretty new into scripting. Do you have an example how to use it?


  • Eric Valk
    Hiya Pat

    Heres a simple way of using the script.

    Suppose that that you save your script as myCaptureDoneV1.scpt in folder ~/Documents/Scripts, and that your user IDthe short name for your user folder on your mac is "pat".

    To use it, then you would execute this Applescript when you set up Captures:

    tell application "Capture One 11"
    set batch done script to alias "Macintosh HD:Users:pat:Documents:Scripts:myCaptureDoneV1.scpt"
    end tell
    BTW here is a relevant posting

    In myCaptureDoneV1.scpt you can write whatever Applescript you want to run after the image is captured, using "Script Editor".

    The difficulty is finding the last image captured. capture name is the current next capture name, not the name of the image just captured.
    The only record of the image just captured is last captured file (file, r/o) : The last captured image file.

    A simple way to proceed is to assume that C1 is set up so that the browser organises the images in date or name order, and so the last capture is simply the last variant and last image. that leads to the following script for myCaptureDoneV1.scpt Simple, but not robust.
    tell application "Capture One 11" to tell current document
    set thevariant to the last variant
    set thename to get name of last image
    set status title of thevariant to thename
    end tell
    ## not debugged

    A more complicated approach, which should be quite robust, is to find the image attached to last captured file
    tell application "Capture One 11" to tell current document
    if missing value = last captured file then
    error "File information for the last captured file is missing"
    set theImage to the first image whose file is last captured file
    set theVariant to the first variant whose parent image is theImage
    set status title of theVariant to get name of theImage
    on error
    error "Could not find the image associated with the lat captured file"
    end try
    end if
    end tell
    ## not debugged
  • Patrick de Gier
    Wow Eric, Thanks! This pointed me in the right direction.
    I'm going to play around with it.



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