For clone and heal can the source point be fixed?



  • SFA
    If it is a large sign and there is no large area of the required background colour you can source from to eliminate the text then I think you may need to look to another application for that part of the edit.

    Other than that under some very specific circumstances there may be options involving, say, selecting the colour of the text and and somehow eliminating it with a colour change but if dealing with blacks/grays and whites probably not.

    If the sign is quite small you may be able to obliterate it completely wi the Healing spot tool or the clone spot but it sound like it might be tricky.

    You have 16 total layers to work with. Not many if I am correctly imagining what you are dealing with. I think you probablyu need a pixel editor rather than a RAW converter for that part of the task.


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  • Michael Iannantuoni
    Might I suggest something like Akvis Retoucher (fully working 10 free day trial available) or InPaint to do this.
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  • NNN637007146603853217
    Thank you both for your suggestions. At least I haven't overlooked the feature in C1.
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