RAW captures vanished: Has this ever happened to you?



  • Matt32
    I've seen this behavior before when applications need to be force-quitted without there being enough time to have written the changes you made to the index. So what's happening is when you reboot you're back to the state you were before any of this ever happened. This doesn't seem like a specific issue related to C1, but part Bridge and OS that had a hangup and a chain reaction. Next time rather than rebooting the entire system, check the activity monitor and try to find the task that has quit responding. It's better to bring tasks down one at a time to reduce the risk of this sort of data loss.
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  • derek hillier
    Yes did a shoot tethered 200 frames all cool then suddenly there gone, luckily found them all in the trash, strange.
    but only ever happened once.

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