difference between the brightness tool and the mid point of the level



  • Ian Wilson

    Obviously they do somewhat similar things. (You could also add in to that the brightening you can do if you use curves and pull the curve up and to the left.)

    As far as I can see

    • when you use the middle point of the levels tool, the dark point and the highlight point you have set in levels won't move, so moving the middle control should not make a difference to the brightest or darkest points of the image
    • using the middle control of the levels tool is fairly mathematical - you can see where you are mapping the mid point to.
    • using the brightness slider is like the exposure slider but it works mostly on the mid tones. If you look at the histogram while you drag the brightness slider you will see that the brightest part of the histogram does in fact move, but only small amount compared with the mid tones. There is a fair amount of calculation going on behind the scenes to do that. (I think it is a bit like the saturation slider: the saturation slider in Capture One is actually rather more like the vibrance slider in some other apps, in that it doesn't have so much effect on the parts that are already quite saturated. Well the brightness slider, as far as I can see, is quite like that - it doesn't have so much effect in the parts that are already quite bright.)

    I sometimes use the middle control of the levels tool, sometimes the brightness slider and sometimes the curves tool. The effects are kind of similar but not identical. Which I choose is sometimes a bit random, but if I don't like the effect of one method, I then try one of the others.

    I hope that makes some kind of sense!


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  • Romain Delathuy

    thanks a lot for your help.




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