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Error when doing more than 2 captures



  • Drew Altdo
    I would suggest you create a support case and get us details.
    What is your back?
    What is your System Specifics?
    What is your camera?
  • Raffi Hadidian
    Submitted a trouble case, and they replied within 24hrs. Phase suggested to override whatever driver I am using, (as it maybe the v6 version)with the 3.710 folder to make sure it is the correct driver. As that is what maybe causing it.
    I did that, with no resolve.
    It fails with only two shots now, not on the third. Phase maybe right that it is a camera driver, although the one out the 3.710 folder isn't making the difference. Perhaps there is another cause? I tried to reduce the transfer as it is on the max for preferences, nope. I think hat's for battery power situations anyway?

    V6 has no issues with taking the files, just can't show them. I have to shoot and prey, as I shoot in "bursts" of 7 to 15. Then wait a bunch of minutes everything tied up, and realize a couple need redoes or so. This eats at patients rather quick.

    All this after installing v6 for capture. I will do a clean v3.710 install and see how that goes.

    I have switched to shooting in C1 v6xx(6.42 now), and even using a fast i7 3.2GHZ, 16GB ram SSD OS drive, (60-80MB/sec file server speed drive). It takes C1 about 4 seconds to see the image in focus. C1 3.78 was almost instant. But saving as IIQ had some issues and draw backs. Some browsers didn't support TIFraw, like LightRoom, while some like ACDSee don't support IIQ. This results in having 2 or 3 DAManagement apps, 2 RAW developer apps, 2 Capture apps. and juggling these for different process workflows really stumps productivity. For now the 4 or so seconds for capture is tolerable, while DAM applications are not so easy to deal with when you need more than one.

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