is expousring with(phaseone ) the same a negative?



  • Peer.Schmid
    ... if I really understand your problem: you use the same exposure and light for both situations - digital and film - and get different results? Right? It would be better if you give us an example for your results.
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  • damienlovegrove
    With negative film you expose to show shadow detail and process to hold dmax (or highlights) to the right level.

    With digital capture you expose to hold highlight detail and process adjust the shadow detail in C1.

    I think this is what your problem is, but without seeing examples it's hard to tell. Damien.
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  • Ulf Liljegren

    Please contact you dealer for help around this.
    My guess is that they problem you are having is that the P20 records so much more then your print can handle colour space wise and you experiance clipping in highlights and shadows.
    So once again please contact your dealer to help you setup your workflow.
    You have purchased a high quality product where you can expect this kind of service compaired to a lower end 35mm product.
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