• Henry1
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  • pcmanpcman
    Thanks for the release, you people are the best,

    I have a suggestion though for better development and upgrading to users in order to avoid upgrading from version to version.

    A camera profile menu should be made to add each camera raw profile, and a download area should contain each camera profile.

    In this case, users won't have to install the new upgrade program in order to get more raw profiles rather the profiles itself as a part of the main program.

    Say somebody buys a new camera like canon 40D, why should he/she wait for another version while a profile can be made, download and migrated into the main program.

    Of course is only a suggestion.

    Congratulations you do a great job
    Many Regards
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  • Anonymous
    Capture One 4 is the UpGrade to LE

    The UpGrade to PRO version should arrive in 2008

    Stelios, good suggestion... but not sure it could be that easy.
    Capture One is the only RAW workflow program that utilizes camera input color profiles.
    This means there is more control over color management; and studios get consistent color from multiple cameras.
    Because there is no compromise for image quality, extensive profile analysis, testing and adjusting is done in creation of these profiles before implementation into the program.
    Once done, the Good News is that with the completely rewritten UpGrades, adding support for future camera models will be much more efficient.

    K C
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  • Martin312
    Once done, the Good News is that with the completely rewritten UpGrades, adding support for future camera models will be much more efficient.

    But Keith, it is only good news if we are still using Capture One.

    Some people have been waiting best part of a year for the V4 upgrade to give them DNG and support for other cameras. How long do you think a professional will wait. especially when the support for new kit has slowed to a snails pace in 3.7.x.

    I will be gone if V4 Pro is not here early in 2008 (probably Q1) or it does not provide all the capability I use in 3.7.x and preferably the additional tools that Canon has given me (lens correction, dust etc) in DPP and I can get in other convertors. And I have long been a champion for C1 since v1.0ish.

    Don't want to go but...

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  • pcmanpcman
    Thanks for the reply, personally I believed, that each RAW data could be converted somehow to C1PRO and the program could act the same for each camera.
    That should give a head start to support RAW files from other cameras than DSLR ones.

    I have read your reply and I got the message, all you're saying is each camera developer (canon,nikon) makes a different and complicated RAW file which must be analyzed before included inside your program.

    All I was thinking was to develop a profile connection platform which could import the analyzed values from RAW each camera (like profiles) in order to give even other users/programmers develop RAW c1 connection profiles for their own cameras and import them to the profile manager.

    The reason I'm saying this, is my second camera, an Olympus SP-550uz which extracts ORF files instead of RAW/CR2 etc...
    Personally I don't see the difference, both ORF and RAW, keep information about the light and the colour for each pixel. The only thing that changes is the way they're keeping the info.
    Consider an interface which could read or convert that file, so the program could act like its canon RAW or CR2 when editing.

    That could save you a lot of trouble to upgrade each version as a newer one, while the only difference would be the support of more camera profiles, instead of upgrading only the profiles without touching the program 😊

    I hope you didn't bored of reading, 😊

    About the PRO version I really hope that is compared to Adobe Lightroom,
    the colour settings of LR are tremendous, (eg, i wish i could custom my white balance, increase the yellows a bit and reduce the magentas quite enough).
    HUE, Luminance and custom Saturation values are needed in the pro version.

    Some of the exposure HDR values are quite interesting though, such as Clarity
    see to it

    With Kindly Regards
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