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Capture One Enterprise - subscription



  • SFA

    Why did the Enterprise version not work with Canon?

    What did not work?

    You can contact Capture One using this link.


  • Jim_DK

    Hi Maris,

    I can see several activations of different versions of Capture One on your account - some (12 days ago when this post was made) for Capture One for Phase One which is for Phase One only and does not support Canon. Please check you have the right version activated when trying to connect Canon. If you still have issues then please contact support as above.


    Andre Mavromati (Capture One)
    Jul 9, 2020, 8:09 PM GMT+2


    Thank you for bringing this bug to our attention, we appreciate the time you’ve taken to contribute towards the development and maintenance of Capture One.

    I would consider this a bug and have already filed a report with all the details for the R&D team.

    Unfortunately, we cannot comment when this bug will be fixed, but rest assured that it has been reported and will be looked into.

    We also cannot guarantee that this will be in the next service release, but we will do our best to roll out a fix as soon as possible




    Your colleague writes that it is a bug.

    Will i have to pay 12 x59 = 708 eur for this bug.

    And capture one 20 also no longer finds a canon camera. (upgrade from cap12 to cap 20 = 159 eur).


    P.S. If I install and activate capture one 12, the canon camera is conected.

  • Jim_DK

    Hi Maris,

    I am trying not to second guess support, but I am working with Enterprise 20 (13.1.1) and Canon works tethered as intended.


    Please try the following:

    Open Capture One 20

    Menu: Capture One> About

    What does it say here?

    Have you provided logs with your support case? (Menu: Scripts>Get Logs)


    Can I stop using Capture One 20 and Capture One Enterpreise and return to Capture One 12 running Mac OS Catalina?

    I find this experiment are bad.

    And I would like to return the 900 euros spent in vain.

  • Jack

    Hi Maris,

    I've given you a response in your support ticket so that we can try and get to the bottom of this.

    Thanks for your patience and understanding.

    - Jack


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