Manual lens corrections for Samyang 14mm f2.8



  • SFA

    If it is the same as the version I have ... I don't often bother with correction but neither do I use it on a full frame body. Then it might be more of a concern.

    There is, apparently, notable "moustache" distortion that most base lens corrections will have problems trying to correct.

    However, for my usual subject matter such distortion is not obvious on non-full-frame bodies.


    Note also that the values for sharpness fall off and Light fall off may well need to be considered in conjunction with the aperture used for the shot.



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  • sapstar

    Thanks @SFA. I just got the lens today and primarily bought it to try shooting nightscapes. I am indeed using it on a Full frame camera (Sony A7R II). During my testing today, I shot some buildings and landscapes where distortion is very evident. I tried fixing it using the distortion slider, but couldn't figure out what the best setting will be.

    Affinity Photo seems to do some sort of correction, but the photos still look distorted... Probably will not be much of an issue with nightscapes.

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