Can't import or even see pictures



  • Ian Wilson

    What camera are the files from, and is it one that is supported by Capture One 12?

    You can see the list of supported Canon cameras here, and it shows which version of Capture One introduced support for each camera. 


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  • William Scott


    This is an issue with a variety of camera files including Canon 20D, 5D mk1,2 and 3, Fuji X-T1 and X-T3. It affects both RAW nd jpegs.

    I can't get C1 to import ( or even sometimes recognise ) a lot of files. When I try to import, some folders are either showing as empty or the images are there but greyed out. I moved them from an old new computer a few months ago and I have them on an external SSD. I'm wondering if these are files I've catalogued with LR and somehow this has changed them or embedded some data which is making it no good for C1?

    I tend to doubt this though as Affinity opens them without a problem.


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