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What's in Capture One 21



  • Kevin Ip

    @SFA, what made you think I'm a subscriber paying monthly? I am not. I paid per license.


    This CO21 doesn't apply here, Microsoft, Google is not pay per upgrade. You have pay per upgrade jump here. I am one of them pay per upgrades, I can't see what I am paying for the upgrades and ask for money.

    That is the problem you guys don't understand.


    You should speak to my wallet.

  • SFA


    I did not think you are a subscription user. But you suggested that nobody pays for software without knowing what will come in its future and I was merely pointing out that many many people, most in fact, do exactly that with many of the applications or services that they commit to.

    Now you may point to an OS, for example, and say - hey look, we have no real idea what is coming but it doesn't matter because we are not being asked to pay for it and you would be right. Although in the case of Windows, not always once the "free update" period has ended.

    But that's just loss leader marketing if it's free. You pay for everything else, indirectly if not directly. And that is worth more to MS and Apple than selling operating system updates. Much more.

    You will be able to see AND try the software before you have to pay for it, should you decided to do so. So where is the problem?

    And just for clarity  - I don't know who you were referring to when you wrote "you guys" but is sort of suggests that you might think I am employed by Capture One. 

    I am not.

    If I was I would not be in a position to reply to you at all.


    I have plenty of discussions with my own wallet.

    It usually tells me to avoid expensive new cameras and lenses and buy only stuff that helps to turn data into images. But only if I really feel I must make that investment because some benefit will accrue.

    I suspect that many other wallets are saying the same thing given the decline in camera sales outside the mobile phone market over recent years.

  • SFA

    @Gonzalo Contreras


    You are probably right about the second part of the post.

    In my defence I would observe that the same message from me, others and Capture One official information seems somehow to elicit negative responses and then be permanently ignored or discounted.

    I truly to not understand why there seems to be such a significant logic failure rate amongst a group of people one would expect to be somewhat logical.

    Historically one can look at past upgrade points and see that the upgrade cost is about 50% of whatever the current full license cost (excluding discounts) would be. Sometimes that is extended back further to a prior release, either with the same deal or a higher price.

    This year seems to fit the same pattern bu the relatively early announcement (compared to most previous events) means the "grace " period for recent purchasers is effectively a little longer than the traditional 30 days. Hence buy 21 but get the use of 20 straight away. Plus some styles.

    So there is already a form of structured reduced payment somewhat like you describe and an additional "incentive" discount from the target price for those who will want to buy anyway.  I'm not sure what more anyone could do without making the whole process much to complicated and confusing - like last year for example.

    This concept is not at all new. In all the years I been involved with the software industry the same sort of principles have applied. In commercial business software there is (or was until subscription principles removed the need for it) an  additional "Maintenance" fee payable with payment a requirement in order to qualify for the reduced price upgrades.

    I seem to recall some personal use applications that had a similar principle.

    Moreover I  doubt that I am alone in buying all sort so of stuff, including a lot of software, over the years that has never or hardly ever been used. Often on a whim and without really knowing if whatever it is will be of any use at all,

    People do stuff like that all the time.

    So why make such a fuss about an offer of an additional discount for an early order commitment on the basis "I don't know what I am buying". You should do. Most of it already exists. And if nothing else you buying into future Operating system compatibility  - something that is driven by Apple and Microsoft and represents their "unseen" product development which for many is not optional and for many others will be welcomed unquestioned - especially in the case of Apple. Less choice with Microsoft so one either accepts everything or resists for a while and then takes whatever is on offer at the time.

    Frankly I find it concerning that people cannot see something as simple as this and understand how open their options are and how little difference there is in cost, no matter what decision they make, compared with just about everything else in their lives.


  • Ricardo Hernandez


    "Why all of the angst?

    Is it some sort of Pandemic response?

    Have people lost all of their ability to think rationally?

    Or is it just good for social media 'likes'?"

    I have to say I find this kind of response ludichrous and condescending.  I also received an ask to upgrade blind to capture 21 (not capture 20 /w 21 later when it comes out, but to capture 21 directly).

    So just so we are clear and precise on this- because it's irrelevant whether you have helped a lot of people in the forum or not to this argument - 

    Yes- we have a choice. We (those who find Capture One asking us to upgrade blind)- paying customers that pays checks for Capture One employees - are exercising our choice to voice up this-  isn't a good look, not the way to do business and our discontent. The Capture One people may perhaps see enough of us and change their stance on that- as this can be seen as very useful customer feedback- and give a preview with real key features while asking for us to open our wallets as they see it makes people hesitate.

    Why does this have to be labeled as some sort of pandemic and irrational thinking? In fact, it is quite rational thinking- asking to see the goods before opening our wallets.

    You are darn right we have options here. One of them is not to upgrade at all. Or go elsewhere. Expressing our discontent at this way of doing business I just one of those valid options for which no one has to come in and apologize the company for.

    Going around the web looking for information on people leaking information breaking their NDA is irrelevant here.  This is about what the company is asking customers.

    Speaking now for myself only- until I see Capture One matching (or close to that0 high ISO performance of the now class dealing DXo Photo Lab 4 (though they have improved in 20), and particularly, until I can finally edit directly from a memory card without having to import to the computer first (something Iridient Digital and Dxo allow me to do), I am putting off my upgrade to Capture one (I have bought it full twice before).

    The last request has been my deal breaker and yes, I have contacted them. Got a very non response telling me that they don't have permissions to access the memory card, but somehow Iridient Digital and DXo don't have that problem.

    - Ricardo


  • Mark Witherington

    Chill people! We all have the choice to buy or not based on the information before us. Complaining or voicing up in the community area is most likely not going to make a blind bit of difference since I am pretty convinced that C1 staff don't particularly frequent the communities area.

    We all have our opinion and the arguments have been voiced. Churning over in again and again is not helping anyone in my opinion. 

  • Ricardo Hernandez

    @Mark - I am quite chilled, thanks :-)  I just thought that the particular reply I referred to asked for a particular response because of what I said in my opening paragraph- so had to make that clear. 

    You are pretty convinced they don't see this but that's your prerogative. We all have different views, thanks.

  • Mark Witherington

    Good, I am glad you are chilled 😊. When I actually see someone from C1 actively commenting or replying to queries posted in the community area then I will change my view. For the moment it seems to be people like me, SFA, Ian and some others who try to answer a lot of questions here. I don't think you will get any argument that it's not a good look for C1 to offer an upgrade with no information, your point is made and understood. 

  • kai

    I payed for the new version.

    This is because I like the software (and the incredible amount of bugs coming with it), furthermore up to now I could not see a better solution in the market. Secondly I'm in hope to get ,after many years of usage of several versions, the one supporting my cameras without bugs, running smooth and fast on high end MacBook Pros as well.

    Br, Kai

  • justedward

    You're getting keyboard shortcuts on the latest update and "prostandard profiles". the latter is interesting since raw processing is really the strength of capture one for me. too bad I already sold my D810 and no fuji is on their list. Is it worth a full upgrade price? maybe 75% off. They can call it "pandemic sensitive special offer" and throw in content aware for healing so I dont go back to PS often.


    oh yeah i can be a mac user again so plans on supporting M1 is quite important. Ifeel many serious artists are still on macs.

  • Ian Wilson
    Top Commenter

    too bad I already sold my D810 and no fuji is on their list.

    They stressed in the "sneak peek" that the cameras on the list that they showed then were only the start, and they have since said that they have already profiled more cameras. I have no inside information about whether or not your Fuji camera will be done in due course, but the situation is clearly not quite as you portray it.


  • Shannon Furrer

    Losing my patience with Capture One's arrogant marketing approach, slow implementation of, and/or, lack of features! I really like how it handles Fuji files, and really want to be apart of Capture One in the future, but it may be time to jump ship. 

    1. When a company asks customers to buy their software product and at the same time refuses to tell a customer whether the software product will support the customer's camera, at least in the future, that is absolutely ridiculous!! Why the big secret? Geeesh. 

    2. I purchased the Fuji Pro version of C1, yet 2 years after Fuji came out with the 16mm f2.8, the program still doesn't have the lens profile, and is slow to support new cameras. Geeesh.

    3. When a company asks customers to buy their software and at the same time refuses to share, at least the most likely features it will have, well, that's messed up. Geeesh. 

    4. As the curtain is slowly raised and us mere mortals get a glimpse of new features in the upcoming 21 programs, we see other-worldly features such a 'Dehaze'--wasn't this in LR 5 years ago? Geesh. 





  • SFA



    For 1) - have you asked Fuji? It seems likely they have some input.

    For 2) - do you not like the way that Fuji corrects their lens?

  • Paolo Piovesan

    well, I must say first of all I like Capture One and I updated already two times, but I was disapointed with version 20 because one of the new features was buggy and the issue was never solved.

    I did send a email regarding the issue and have been told it was known and I was not alone.

    The marketing campain for version 20 was pushing on that feature (among others) to catch new customers and have old ones to upgrade.

    Now looks like I have to buy an upgrade to have (maybe) that issue solved.

    I will still continue to use Capture One because I'm not a professional and I can live with version 20 with bugs, but it does not make any sense to me not to tell what one should expect from a new version.



  • kai

    shit happens ...

    "I payed for the new version.

    This is because I like the software (and the incredible amount of bugs coming with it), furthermore up to now I could not see a better solution in the market. Secondly I'm in hope to get ,after many years of usage of several versions, the one supporting my cameras without bugs, running smooth and fast on high end MacBook Pros as well.

    Br, Kai"

    After downloading the new version it becomes clear to me, wasted Money, because all the bugs I reported in C1 20 are still there in 21 as well. White balance tool does not work with Leica camera e.g. SL Typ 601

    Br, Kai


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