Deleting user configuration in order to upgrade the software (to Capture One 21)?



  • Lily

    Hi Uwe,

    Thank you for the post.

    Please, do not make any reinstallation at the moment.

    You only need to deactivate the software and then activate it with the new license key.

    Uninstallation would be needed only when Capture One 21 is released and available for download.

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  • SFA


    Normally an installation will check for and make use of settings from previous versions wherever possible.

    I think what Uwe is asking is why the instructions seem to be suggesting that is not going to be the case this time.

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  • Uwe Lindner


    exactly that's it. There's a lot of wotk in the tweaks and whatever I did in Captiure One 20 to make it the tool I use and I need every day. I would take me a lot of time and effort to bring it up to this stage again. Not acceptable.

    I received an additional answer by Yulia: "You can skip this step and keep the preferences files. This step is only necessary when you are uninstalling Capture One due to some issues in the software as they might be caused by corrupt files."

    Sounds fine but other steps in the description are marked explicitly if they are not necessary for the switch to Capture One 21. This is not the case for this step which is dealing with the user setup (user.config). This is confusing and should be made very clear before Capture One 21 will become available.

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  • SFA

    I am all for clarity!

    There are documents in the support system that discuss these matters. It would be great fi all could be gathered into a "package" in the time between now and the release date.


    Better still if people could be forced to read them!  ;)

    It might require some sort of understanding test to be passed before the installation was allowed to proceed! A lot of Support ime (and of course users time) could be saved in some cases.


    I usually find the process very simple and almost always install in a new folder as, effectively, a new installation and C1 always finds previous personalised values from various places including user config providing the setting are still valid, and includes them.


    Inevitably there are times when changes and new features need to be added or older values removed but in general most updates are quick and simple.

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