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  • OddS.

    > Ivan Kovacik: I couldn't create the New Session

    As you did not mention network attached storage, I presume G: is on a local disk.

    I would likely first close Capture One and verify that disk drive G: is present in Windows Explorer. Then verify that the sub folder G:\My Pictures and sub sub folder 2020 both exist. Next verify that you can create the sub sub sub folder Union Buildings-20 October (G:\My Pictures\2020\Buildings-20 October). All in Windows Explorer.

    Start Capture One and repeat the create new session procedure. The existing folder G:\My Pictures\2020\Buildings-20 October does not do any harm, C1 should adopt it as a Session folder and create the session file Buildings-20 October.cosessiondb and folders Capture, Selects, Output and Trash in G:\My Pictures\2020\Buildings-20 October.

    Do not switch to a different user account. Capture One needs write access to the file repository.





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