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  • Lily

    Hi Romain,

    Thank you for the post.

    We have several requests about Capture One version for iPad indeed, so it is being under consideration.

    That is true that we cannot comment on any future release. In case there would be Capture One version for iPad, this will be later reflected in the release notes.


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    Hi Lily. I just wanted to echo what Romain said. I use a MacPro tower for my daily driver and haul it on location for big jobs and it’s a giant pain. I use a 13” MBP for smaller jobs and that’s just ok. I would really really love a version of CP1 that allows me to tether into my iPadPro. With all the hubs available I would use an external drive connected to usb, and would tether a session directly to the external drive. Keyboard and mouse support would be necessary too. Then when the session is done, I’d copy to the tower when I got home. I wouldn’t need full CP1, but some light edits, simple jpg export to share with clients on set if needed, and the folder structure to copy to my main machine. This would be the perfect setup for smaller location shoots! Thanks for listening to our feature requests! 


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