Capture One and something like a loupedeck?


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    You can use Loupedeck consoles like the CT or the "Live" with Capture One. You have to go via keyboard shortcuts so only functionality available through keyboard shortcuts is available but this hardly represents a limitation. There is even a predefined profile (I would recommend to create one yourself, though).

    The bigger issue is that CT/Live dials can drop modifiers from keyboard shortcuts when they are turned too quickly. This will result in the wrong commands being executed. You may find it easy, though, to self-limit your turning speed. BTW, Loupedeck said they are working on the bug but since version 4.2 still has it, I would not hold my breath.

    Another problem is that Capture One has some broken keyboard shortcuts. At least in the version I am using, for instance, changing the browser thumbnail size does not fully work via shortcuts.

    Capture One furthermore makes poor use of the Enter key and hacking the shortcuts definition file to make it useful (e.g. select the hand tool) does not work anymore. This collides with the fact that the Loupdeck consoles don't support assigning a custom function to their Enter keys.

    The fact that C1 21 supports Speed Editing should in principle mean that they should open up their API to Loupdeck as well, in order to further support quick editing, however it seems likely that there is some exclusive deal with Tangent in place. If that weren't the case, what would have prevented them to disclose the API to Loupedeck in the past already?

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