Embed/Write metadata to JPEG



  • Ian Wilson

    Capture One applies the same principle to both raw and jpg files - it never alters the original file. So that means you can't write metadata to it.


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  • Image by Co

    Thanks Ian, for your prompt response. Was afraid that was the case. And BTW I fully get in case of RAW, but hoped for JPEG you had an option!?

    I like the toolset in CO to manage the metadata, and I became quite fast with it. Which I couldn't find in others so far. Is their another tool who can read the XMP created by CO for JPEG and embed/write the metadata?  

    Thx, Marco

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  • Christopher Dubea

    LightRoom will do what you want with John Beardsworth's Syncomatic add-in.


    LightRoom assumes the data written in the XMP file is for the RAW file and doesn't assign any data to the jpg.

    Syncomatic will do that.

    I would think that ExifTool could probably do that as well.  Don't know, but it can do just about anything, but using a command line.

    good luck

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