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Improved white balance picker



  • Seppo Helle

    Umm... Keith, do you mean I should repost this to the feature requests forum, or are you going to move it there?
    I guess I picked a wrong section by mistake, sorry!

  • SFA


    This forum is, mostly, Users sharing information and discussions with other users.

    The Capture One team has set up some folders - one of which Keith has suggested - to capture ideas and as an attempt to see how much interest they generate or alternative approaches might be suggested.

    With the exception of requests for lens profiles, where having numbers suggested in one place can allow for a popularity count, I don't think many other requests are regularly copied to the dedicated forum so it would seem like a good idea to do so.

    However, discussions about White Balance and accuracy can be quite interesting and may generate very different ideas from the individuals involved. 

  • Seppo Helle

    I'm not too familiar with the forum, did a search first and then started a new topic but didn't check in which section it was going. I'll repost in the feature requests forum.

  • ---

    I’m very convinced the developers are totally aware of the WB issue but ignore it, they made an attempt to reduce the problem a little with version 20 but this did not change much the sample area is still far to small to get reliable results when using a grey card !   it is astonishing that a company which brags so much about image quality seem unable or uninterested to give photographers tools to make such basic adjustments with the needed accuracy and reliability.  but there is another thing more subtile, images containing neutral or close to neutral objects look never as clean as when processed with other converter, this is maybe caused how they calculate WB or the whole processing/color pipeline.


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