Better integration with Photoshop: Opening as layers and PSB support.




  • Class A

    Your first request has been requested years ago already. Unfortunately, it seems unlikey that it will ever be implemented.

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  • Christopher Peden

    +1 for PSB support

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  • Lily

    Hi Brandon,

    There is a couple of similar request on this topic.

    Thank you for making this request, it will be also taken on board.

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  • Joe Pulcinella

    PSB support would be great. I'm using the IQ4 150 and almost every file for me needs to be saved as a PSB.

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  • Brian Rodgers Jr
    Capture One Pro definitely needs better integration with Photoshop
    I think Capture One is a fantastic tool with a lot of great features. However, processing RAW files is only half the battle. As a commercial photographer and retoucher, I use Photoshop extensively. And there is no Asset Manager and RAW processor that does everything Photoshop can do for high end retouching and compositing. From a workflow standpoint, I really enjoy the tight integration between Lightroom and Photoshop. There are some features that I just can’t get in Capture One (as of Capture One Pro 12). That being said, I’d like to suggest some features that I think a lot of Lightroom users looking to switch to Capture One Pro would love to see in a future release.
    Suggestions #1 PSB Support
    PSB support is a must. If you shoot with any modern mirrorless camera and you build composite images in Photoshop, your files will indeed be over 2GB in size and PSDs are no longer a viable format. Also, if you plan on using Capture One to replace Lightroom at any point, it's not really possible if you have PSBs in your catalog. Please add PSB support soon
    Suggestion #2 Edit With > Photoshop (Without Creating Copies)
    For me personally, this is probably one of the biggest features missing for me. (If you even want to call this a feature…it’s more of a workflow preference.) I would love to see Capture One implement the ability to simply open a processed file into Photoshop without the need to create any additional files. For example, in Lightroom you can make any necessary adjustments to your RAW file and then send a processed version of that file straight into Photoshop (without the need to export or process files out to other formats). Once you’re in Photoshop, then you can decide whether or not you want to save it as a PSD or not save it at all. In addition, you can choose where you want to save that file. 
    For example, if you press Command + E in Lightroom, you’ll open up a processed version of that file with all of your Lightroom adjustments right into Photoshop. You have 3 options at this point. 1. Press Command + S in order save a PSD right next to the RAW file in Lightroom. 2. Press Command + Shift + S, and you can choose where you want to save your PSD. 3. Simply close the image and no additional files are created.
    Capture One on the other hand, automatically creates a PSD file that sits right next to your RAW file every time you choose Edit With > Photoshop. This creates a LOT of unnecessary PSD files that I have to go back and delete, especially if all you want to do is add additional layers to a photoshop document. It would be nice to simply open a processed file from Capture One directly into Photoshop.
    Suggestion #3 “Open As Layers In Photoshop” from Capture One
    In Lightroom, you can easily select multiple files and open them as layers that are stacked into a single Photoshop document. It would also be great to see Capture One have an “open as layers in Photoshop” command like Lightroom does.
    Suggestion #4 Open as Smart Object in Photoshop
    This may be wishful thinking here, but I'd love to see the ability to open a processes RAW file into Photoshop as a smart object, giving you the ability to keep the RAW file intact and make additional adjustments in Capture One. This is a feature that has been around in Lightroom for years and something I use all the time. It would be so great to see Capture One offer the same capability.
    Suggestion #5 Copyright Metadata:
    Open a photo inside of Photoshop, and go to File> File Info… There’s a tab that reads “Copyright Status.” In this dropdown menu, there are 3 options 1. Unknown 2. Copyrighted 3. Public Domain. When you have “Copyright Status” set to “Copyrighted” it adds a copyright © symbol into your Photoshop document window of that file, letting you know that the status is set to “Copyrighted” I would think that this metadata is also read across Google search. 
    While it's possible to add and embed "copyright metadata" into your files from Capture One, if you open that file into Photoshop and choose File> File Info..." And look under the "Copyright Status" tab, your files will say always say "Unknown." Sure, "Copyright Notice" will show your name if you added it in Photo Raw. But "Copyright Status" will default to “Unknown” every time. As far as I know, Lightroom is the only RAW processor that allows for “Copyright Status” metadata.
    When you use Lightroom, and add your copyright metadata, if you open a file from LR into Photoshop, and look under the "Copyright Status" tab, you'll see that it says "Copyrighted." In addition, the Photoshop document window that shows your file name will also show a copyright © symbol. 
    I would like to see this copyright metadata featured added to Capture One
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