Smart Album Not Working?



  • SFA

    You mention tagged "and" rated. 

    How are the Smart Album selection filter rules defined?

    Are you working with a catalog or a session?

    In either case, are you working with a subset of the full content of images or "All images"?

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  • Simon Melber

    In answer to your questions...

    Tagged 'Red' & 'One Star' -

    Rules defined as 'All' Not 'Any' that are tagged 'Red' and rated 'equal to one star.'

    Working within a session

    Five sub-folders within a set of all images, but I can't see where you can specify that distinction in terms of the smart album? Surely the smart album picks up ALL images that meet the criteria within a set (even those within sub-folders), otherwise you would have to create a smart album for each folder (subset), and be able to do so? My understanding is that the smart album works across ALL images within a session....?


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  • SFA

    Smart Album is a dynamic filter.

    Try selecting "All Images" in the Session Albums.

    If nothing there open the Filters tool.

    There is a Search bar at the top of the tool. 

    To the right of the search field, you should see 3 dots. Are they Orange?

    If so there are other search/filter criteria active. Click on the dots icon to open the Advanced Search window to see what is currently being applied.

    If nothing there identifies why you are not seeing what you expect to see (and you have double-checked that there are indeed images that should be selected!), then it will be time to do some deeper investigation.

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  • Simon Melber

    Not sure how to select "all images" in the sessions album, other than to make a new Album and simply tell it to select ANY without defining any rules. When I do this it still doesn't find any of my images.

    So the three dots (in the filters tool) are not orange. I can make them orange by setting some filters - ie red and one star - when I do this it still find no images. In other words it's not picking up the set of shots I took when I shot into that session. 

    So for clarity.

    I opened a new session

    Within the capture folder I created three new folders (prelight, shot 1, shot 2).

    I used the naming tab to assign each incoming image a unique name, depending upon which folder they were shot into.

    I then shot images from a tethered camera into each of these folders by reassigning the capture folder to the folder I wanted to populate (ie shot 1, shot 2 etc).

    I then went through each individual folder selecting the shots I wanted by tagging them Red.

    Within each folder I then clicked on the red filter to find the selected shots, and tagged the ones I wanted to choose as one star. 

    I then created a smart album specifying 'Red' & 'One Star' rules. This album is the problem as it is not finding the photos.


    The other Albums in 'Session Albums' (see below) are various attempts by me to try to pick up the groups of photos I'm aiming to find... 

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  • SFA


    Make your Prelight, Shot 1 and Shot 2 folders "Favourites" and see what happens. 

    They should then appear in the "Session Favourites" section of the Library. 

    The "Capture" Folder is normally assumed as a "known" folder in a session (at default creation status) but subfolders may not be unless they have been imported or are part of a template (iirc).


    I'll be a little cautious and mention that I am a Windows user and some of the visibility of Library and System folders may be a little different between the systems due to the OS functionality but in general the file handling ends up the same. 

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  • Simon Melber

    Thanks for that.

    OK we are definitely getting somewhere now.

    That does seem to have sorted it. 

    I initially tried (after your advice) setting the Test 21 session as a favourite but that didn't do it. But adding each of the individual shoot folders as a favourite does seem to work.

    Does that mean every time I open up a new session I have to make a new set of favourites? 

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  • SFA

    Hi Simon,

    If you always use the same sort of Session folder structure(s) you could consider creating a template(s) with some Capture Folder sub-folders already added  - pre-named or simply there ready to be named from within C1 if required. 

    Just set things up with the sub-folders made favourites, save the template and then simply select the template required for the session when you set up.

    Out of interest did you set up the subfolders from within C1 or via the system files?

    If folder naming is unique for each shoot there might be a little extra work but if the generic names you mentioned above are serviceable at that level then you should save some set up time.

    I don't often get involved with tethered shooting and very rarely into multiple folders at the time of shooting so some details may have escaped my memory but I think, in principle, the template process should be applicable even with the naming/re-naming of subfolders.

    You have prompted me to take myself through a refresher session to check the functionality on my recently acquired Windows 10 system and compare it to my older Win 7 system just to ensure that things are still as I remembered them! 


    I cannot comment on any possible (but unlikely, other than for Operating System driven features) Mac differences.

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  • Simon Melber

    Hey SFA

    Thank you for all your help. I'm going to have a think about templates...

    I set-up from within C1.

    And from where I'm sitting, you're not as rusty as you think you are!

    Thanks again, it's been a life saver. I've not quite sorted in my head why the favourites thing has to be done but hopefully I'll remember it in my workflow.

    Not sure if you're always on here, but I hope so because I ALWAYS have a few issues with C1 I can't find the answers to, even though I'm using the latest release.



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  • SFA

    Hi Simon,

    Glad to hear you feel you have made progress.

    The favourites thing does seem a little strange at times BUT it's all about providing control rather than assuming that, under the main folder (Capture folder for example) all sub-folders are potential sources of editable files.

    In simplistic terms based on the Session structure that C1 was conceived with (before Catalogues came along) if one keeps everything in the default session structure folder as created the entire session can be backed up or copied very easily. And that's great.

    However, if your workflow includes some deletes (but not yet full deletes) and output files (for use in PS or whatever) you may not want those folders to be automatically selected to have their image contents mad available to the editor and thus have thumbnails, preview files and various Pro-forma edit files created ready for use.

    Thus one of the uses of "Favourites" is simply to include or exclude the content of some folders within the "default" top-level folder structure.

    Another option for the "Favourite" identifier is to make a folder that is NOT in the default Session folder structure available to the session as a "known location".  That is a simple way to access any folder and edit its supported contents if required AND remember that older for future reference. To forget it again remove the "Favourite" classification. Any edit activity stays with the folder (not with the session if not a favourite).

    Folder OUTSIDE the Session folder structure are not backed up or copied along with the main session. However if you move the session (within C1 ideally but potential through the OS as well) and leave the external folders where they are and still as favourites you might expect to have them still accessible from the session.

    And of course, just for completeness, on can open a folder, edit files, close the folder without making a favourite. That too works for image editing but retains no links to the session if the favourite flag is not set.

    Folders related to Session based edits (not Catalogue folders) are self contained. The same folder can be edited by more than one session  (or even catalogue but that's getting a bit complex to discuss). These days the edit data for an image created by a specific version of C1 is also retained after upgrades thus, if required, allowing the use of an older version of C1 and opening the related status of images edit by that version.

    You don't need to be interested in that for day to day operations but filing away that potentially interesting factoid may have some use for some purpose at a future point. If only by way of offering some comfort to use older edits if something happens to go badly wrong in the future!

    I have drifted well beyond your immediate question but the information may be sort of useful in some way as your workflow and processes develop and are refined.

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