adjustment mask for change color?



  • Ian Wilson

    The English version says "view selected colour range" for that check box, but I assume that is the one you mean. That is just the way it works. So you paint a mask roughly over the blue graffiti; you use the picker to select the blue colour in the graffiti; you check the box for "view selected colour range" and it shows you everything in the whole image that is in the blue range you have selected, and everything else in black and white. Don't worry about it! It's just the way it is designed to work. It is a bit confusing until you know that it does it like that. You just use it as a tool to be able to refine the colour so that all the blues that you want in the graffiti you want are included, and none of the adjacent shades (more cyan for example) are included. When you come to actually adjust the blues (tweaking the saturation or lightness, perhaps) you should uncheck that box again so that you can see how your adjustments work in the context of the image as a whole. You will find that indeed the adjustments only affect the masked area. 

    So it may be rather odd in your view, but be reassured that nothing is wrong - it is working as intended.


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  • Lars Hennings

    Hi Ian, it was confusing for the mask was not to see, not to set to 80% or something like this. After reinstall, not restart, it works. There was much trouble before with hardware speed on, out again, on... Since C1-11 pro there are more and more problems... 

    I see now the View selected colour range is only to find the colour. Thx. lars


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