Need to change Import Dialog settings via handy "master-preset"




  • Lily

    Hi Wolfgang,

    It is possible to name images on import using tokens.

    In the Naming section of the Import dialog, click on the (...) next to the Format field to see the list of available tokens for naming images on import.

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  • Bruno Petit


    Lily I think you didn't answer his question correctly. He is asking for a preset that change the GLOBAL import settings. Like the process tool does for exporting. It's not just about renaming. It's renaming AND all the rest of the settings (metadata, folders, etc).

    Your answer only partly answers his problem. It is therefore NOT a solution to the issue being raised here.

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  • SFA

    Taking the original list of settings to that are required in the Master Control:


    It is possible to create token based naming conventions for use during import and save them as presets.

    Also "Import to" locations complete with folder naming based on tokens. If the basis of folder naming is present in the files that could be automated via a saved preset.

    Copyright info can be saved as a preset (or even a style). Or use a choice of several presets if the copyright information is variable.

    Project name is, I would guess, not necessarily something that can be tokenised? It can if using Sessions (as I do) by using the Project Name as the Session name.

    Using sessions One could also tailor session templates to suit the needs of the different types of project if required.

    If adding new functionality one may need to try to ensure that existing functionality is retained so as not to force all users to change and adapt.

    On that basis it would make sense, especially for something like this suggestion, to check whether there are  core needs that are already addressed in some way. If so how might they be adapted or adopted to enhance the user experience in such a way that they can still be used as they always have been by those users who are happy with what already exists and have no wish for change.

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  • Wolfgang Stoiber


    Thank You, @Lily for explaining the token system, which I appreciate. But I already knew this.

    >> Like @Bruno Petit correctly said: My request was for a higher hierarchy preset - to be able to switch, via ONE master-preset, all underlying (sub-)setting-categories (import from, import to, backup to, naming, metadata, adjustments,...) so that I don't have to change each one every time I do an other kind of project. 

    This is a feature my old Lightroom 6.14 from 2015 has and a principle that many other settings-dialogs use.
    For example: Indesign pdf-export panel.

    @SFA - The way this would work without annoying users used to the old way is: every single (sub-)setting can of course be changed independently and then the name of the selected Master-preset changes to "Mastersetting 1 (changed)" or "Custom" or something like that.

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