How to copy GPS meta-data from one image to others



  • Lily

    Hi Adam,

    When the needed GPS data is present in the metadata of one image, you can copy it either through local copy and apply button or by using the preset.

    1. Select the primary variant (it will have a white thick border) from which the metadata settings will be copied. Then select other images to which those settings will be copied. Go to the Metadata tool and click on the double-ended arrow. Select the metadata fields that you would like to copy to other images. Click Apply.

    2. In the Metadata tool, click on the Action menu (...). Select Save User Preset from the context menu.

    Select images to which you would like to apply GPS settings, click on the Action menu (...) in the Metadata tool, and select the needed preset.

    NOTE: The preset will override the current data in the Metadata fields.

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  • Adam Bridge

    Unfortunately this doesn't seem to work. There is no item for GPS locations under the Metadata list. The GPS location seems to be specified as EXIF data. There doesn't seem to be a way to copy that into another image's data. Is that intentional??

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  • Cormier Erika
    1. Highlight the appropriate text in the Metadata tab, right-click the selected text and click Copy. ...
    2. Select the dataset to which to copy the information.
    3. Open the metadata editor.
    4. Paste the text into the metadata editor.


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