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Filenames - Saving, or exporting file names list?



  • Conrad von Schubert

    Yes, please! I would need this function a LOT! I often have to sync back and forth with clients or online repositories. Basically the reverse function of the excellent list filtering, i.e. you make a selection of files, right-click on the selection and choose sth like 'export as list'. Thank you!

  • Rob

    AMAZING that you can't export a file list in this incredibly clunky program. Great image editor, terrible asset manager. At the very least they would allow you to make a contact sheet that includes metadata such as filename and rating, not just one or the other as a caption.

  • Tom Knoflook

    I had the same problem and this is my workaround in Windows:

    Open the command prompt and go to the directory with the jpg files.
    Type the following:
    dir /b *.jpg | clip
    The clipboard now contains a list with the filenames.
    Go to folder or album with the raw files.
    Open the menu Select>Select By>Filename List... and paste the list from the clipboard (Ctrl+V).
    Make sure the option "Ignore file extension" is checked.

    Cheers, Tom

    P.S.: This only works if the jpg- and the raw-files have the same name

  • BeO
    Top Commenter

    Hi Tom, 

    I'm afraid the ask is for the opposite, the start point is that there are images selected in C1 and then they want a list of filenames in the clipboard. 

    Adam, the only way I see is to move the selected images to a different directory, then all files in that directory are the ones you want to have as a filename list, then Tom's proposal can be used. Then move the images back.
    This only works if you are working off a folder in the library tool (not from an album or search, if images are not stored in the same directory)

  • Tom Knoflook

    Hi BeO,

    Since I assumed that Adam's jpg files were already in a directory, I omitted my first step:
    I export all the files I want to select into a directory (small jpg files) and then select those files with the method described.

    The reason for this workaround is that I somehow lost multiple keywords after deleting one.
    I made a smart album for every keyword in a backup catalog and per keyword used the method I described to select the raw files in my working catalog so I was able to add the keyword again.
    Kind regards,


  • BeO
    Top Commenter

    I export all the files I want to select into a directory (small jpg files) and then select those files with the method described.

    This is indeed a good method and works even if the selected files are stored across different folders. Probably the fastest if you use the quick proof recipe.


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