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Capture One 21+, "for all cameras", on 3 workstations?



  • April

    Hi Michael,

    This link might be useful:

    You would need to change to Capture One Pro and as an existing user you will keep the 3 seats.

    If you want to free up a seat/activation you can do that by logging in to your user account and 'Manage Licenses', check out:

    If you would like support to have a look at your specific case you can always submit a request.

  • Michael Collier

    I may need to submit a request, so we can roadmap this.

    I currently use "Capture One for Phase One", which I have as a function of purchasing Phase One XF camera equipment and IQ backs. Currently (or at least so far), as a Phase One owner, I am able to access new major releases of "Capture One for Phase One" indefinitely/without cost or constraint, and activate them via license keys obtained from Phase One.

    I would need to change this to Phase One Pro (to enable my Sony equipment... presumably a paid license), keep the 3 seats, and I would like access to new major releases of Capture One (which suggests a subscription).

    Anyway, if specific steps to do this in a "self-service" way are not documented anywhere, let me know and I will submit a request.




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