Auto Load Custom Workspace?



  • Marco Hyman

    That is, in effect, how it works on my system.  I think it works something like this...

    Selecting a saved workspace copies the workspace configuration variable values to the "current" workspace configuration values.  When Capture One is restarted the "current" configuration variable values -- a copy of the last loaded custom workspace plus any changes made after loading the workspace -- is used.

    I wonder why it doesn't work the same way on your system?

    Edit: Or are you asking to load a workspace other than the workspace you were using when you last quite the program?

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  • Jack Siegel

    Thanks for responding, and my apologies for the tardy response.  I've been experimenting with the workspace, and I still find it to be a little finicky.  It may be because I am working on two monitors.  Typically, I have the viewer and the tools on the left monitor and the browser on the right one.  When I open Capture One, only the browser shows up (on the right monitor).  I usually am able to bring the viewer up, so I will have to just figure out the proper sequence.

    Again, thanks for the response.

    Best regards,

    Jack B. Siegel

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